How to install nulled WordPress themes?

How to install nulled WordPress themes?


What’s a nulled theme?

As you know websites like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, …that are made using Content Management Systems (CMS), need to install a theme or template on their website.

These themes or templates determine the appearance of your website, affect your visitor's feedback and improve your site’s SEO, so it is obvious that every website owner wants to have an attractive template for their site.

Thus, the owners of WordPress sites are looking for a premium theme or a free theme provided by WordPress, or a nulled theme.

Because premium themes are usually expensive and free themes aren’t that much attractive or efficient, many users are looking for a nulled theme.

Nulled themes are actually broken license versions of premium themes that are sold at a lower price or for free.

Why use nulled WebDevDL themes?

All nulled themes have been tested on our website WebDevDL and they don’t contain any malicious code.

Also, in case of updating the theme by the manufacturer, we will make the desired update available for you to download on our website.

Advantages of using nulled themes in WebDevDL: